Proactive Solution – Does it Really Work?

Are you looking for a proven and effective way to treat acne or skin breakouts on your face? Proactiv has been in the business of treating acne for decades now, and the best part is their system is affordable, you don’t need a prescription, and it actually works!

They have several options to choose from these days, so let’s take a look at what they have are currently offering, so you can pick the best one for you!

Proactiv MD – Their Newest & Most Effective Formula

proactiv md

How Much Does it Cost?

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The acne fighting medication in ProactivMD used to only be available with a prescription, but now you can get it over the counter, and it works!

Their powerful blend of adapalene gel is the first OTC retinoid approved by the FDA in more than 30 years, and your skin will absolutely fall in love with it!

They also include a deep cleaning face wash, and a cream that provides hydration and protection from the sun’s harmful rays!

This really is their best healthy skin regimen yet, and right now you can get an amazing deal!

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Proactiv+ Features


1) Includes Three Step Acne Treatment
2) Designed To Remove Acne-Related Impurities
3) Helps Prevent Acne Breakouts
4) Treatment Is Non-Comedogenic
5) Has Been Approved By Leading Dermatologists
6) Treatment Includes Cleanser, Toner, And Repairing Solution
7) All Parts Are Alcohol-Free
8) Treatment Is Non-Greasy And Lightweight
9) Includes 60-Day Supply For All Three Parts
10) Has To Be Applied Twice A Day (In 3 Steps)

Active Ingredients

Before moving onto the review, let’s take a look at the key active ingredients in this treatment. What are the ingredients that kick into action when this solution is being used? The ingredients include the following:

1) Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%)
2) Glycolic Acid
3) Witch Hazel

These ingredients are spread across the three steps and providing an all-encompassing solution for one’s acne.

In combination with the robust set of non-medicinal ingredients in this treatment, Proactiv can provide meaningful results to help the skin.

How Does Proactiv Work?

How does this treatment work? It is a simple process. The package is going to come with items for all steps. It is a three-step process as mentioned before, so there are three distinct bottles one will receive. Each is going to come in a set (30, 60, and 90-day sets are offered).

The treatment is going to work in three steps which have to be completed twice a day (morning and night generally). The first step will be applied to remove dead skin cells (exfoliate), the second step is the main treatment (targeting acne and pores), and the third step is a final “hydrator” to moisturize.

The combination of products creates a wholesome experience when completed consistently.

How Fast Will I See Results?


How long does it take to see results? In the end, it doesn’t matter what the treatment is as long as the results are coming in. The first thing to note is, the treatment does work, so that is a positive right off the bat. The second aspect is to look at how long it takes.

Most people don’t want to wait for years to get rid of their acne.

This treatment will take 3-4 weeks before noticeable results start showing. The supply comes for 60-days, so Proactiv+ claims in the worst cases, a person is going to require the entire eight weeks to see results. In general, it does not take this long and a month is enough.

It is best to remain dedicated and thorough. Those who do this will eventually begin to see results and the skin is going to clear up as required.

Proactiv Cost

How much does the supply come for when it is being purchased? The treatment is going to include all three steps, so these are three different bottles that come under “one set”.

The set is going to cost $25-60 depending on where it is purchased from. This price point is for the 60-day supply. A smaller and cheaper option is provided for half the price (30-day supply) and can be purchased as well.

They also provide a larger 90-day supply, which is a good option if you decide you want to stick with their cleaning regime. Head here to find their current best deals.

Gentle Cleanser

Let’s start looking at the positives of this product. What stands out about it? The immediate advantage of this solution is how it gels with one’s acne-prone skin. One thing all patients can attest to is the reality of irritation and redness. This can be mind-bogglingly frustrating.

A gentle solution is a must otherwise, the treatment might exacerbate your problem.

This treatment has been constructed in a manner where it will begin to soothe the skin. This is a benefit that is seen immediately. Most people talk about how it relieves their skin and makes it feel good. The aesthetic changes might take a few weeks, but your skin is going to adore the new solution being applied.

Easy to Use

There is nothing more frustrating than a complicated treatment process. It gets annoying to go through steps that are impossible to follow. The reason Proactiv does well with this three-step treatment comes down to its simplicity. It is a significant advantage the brand provides.

The simplicity of this three-step solution means you can have it put in without wasting time.

Your skin is going to be cleansed, and you are going to feel like a million bucks. This is the best part about it for a lot of people beyond the actual results.

Bottom Line: It Works Great

This has to be mentioned as a positive. A solution that doesn’t work is much of a solution, is it?!

This is one of the better treatments because it is scientifically sound as a solution and works well. You will know it is going to do wonders for your skin when the purchase is made. This alone is a benefit you can lean on and trust as you are making a decision.

The three-step treatment has been constructed for those who are tired of poor solutions and want something that works well.

Lightweight Texture

The one thing that remains consistent with this treatment is its lightweight texture. Too many solutions are cumbersome and get in the way making you feel worse than before. This treatment is as lightweight as one would like. For most, once it has been applied, you won’t even notice its presence.

This is how well they have done with the formula.

Just impeccable texture that you can get behind in seconds as a person with acne-prone skin.

Small Bottles

What is the con? For most people, the treatment is a great option, and it does work, but you are only looking at a 90-day supply. You might want a bigger option, but they don’t have one, so you are going to need to deal with this.

Once you start to see the results, you might not like the idea of small bottles because they will have to be replaced all the time. However, this is something you have to deal with and the fact it works as a solution makes it a no-brainer. This is a con you can manage because at least the treatment is working!

Nonetheless, it is a con that has to be pointed out for those who are unaware.

Final Thoughts

This acne treatment product is an illustrious example of something that has been well-tested and has the clout to provide good results. They have meticulously crafted a solution that works on all skin types and has a long-lasting quality to it.

For those who are hoping to get a safe acne treatment, which will be easy to apply and is going to remain effective for a long time to come, this is the only option to consider.

The brand has done a great job of creating something that is helpful now and is going to do wonders for those who are troubled by acne.

Give this a chance because it can be a real life-changer for those who follow its directions to a tee.

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