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how to treat and prevent mouth acne

Acne Around the Mouth: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Many people struggle with different forms of acne and some have it worse than others. There are people that tend to end up with blemishes around their mouth. It is often embarrassing and makes a person feel uncomfortable when talking to others because they may feel like everyone is looking at the unsightly acne on their face.

Not only does it not look good, but acne that is too close to the mouth is often even more painful because it is in such a sensitive area of the face.

Those that struggle with it should first understand the primary causes of this skin problem and then seek treatment in the form of a step system that works to treat and prevent zits from forming.

What Causes Acne Near the Mouth?

a close up of a woman's lips

Knowing why acne develops around the lips is the first step to figuring out how to treat it. While there are a lot of causes, it is possible to treat these blemishes and eventually get rid of them, even if it requires making some changes and using a step system that works.


Unfortunately, hormones are one of several reasons that acne often appears closest to the lips. It will usually start to develop when a woman is ovulating or when she is on her menstrual cycle.

While some women only end up with acne in these areas during those specific times, others deal with it on an ongoing basis due to a hormonal imbalance or a condition that is known as PCOS.

Although hormones play a factor in acne developing, it appears on the skin because of excess oil production. Birth control pills are often recommended to women dealing with hormonal acne and hormonal imbalances in general.

Skincare Products that Can Cause Mouth Acne

Many of the skincare products that are commonly used by people throughout the day can lead to zits that appear close to the lips. It is good to know what types of products are considered common culprits.

Lip Balm

a woman applies lip balm

Most people apply lip balm to their lips to avoid dealing with chapped lips and dry skin. However, some of the lip balm products can cause zits to develop on the lips and even around them.

The reason this happens is that some lip balms contain ingredients that clog the pores. While they are not as noticeable, there are pores around the lips, and it is just as important to keep them clear as it is to keep everything else clear.

Just because lip balm products can contribute to acne near the mouth does not mean that a person cannot use it.

Anyone who is going to use lip balm should check the ingredients and look for one that is safe to use without clogging the pores. Several non-comedogenic products are available.


a glob of toothpaste on a toothbrush

The toothpaste that a person brushes with might cause small whiteheads and blemishes to appear around the lips. One primary ingredient in most toothpaste products, sodium lauryl sulfate, can lead to inflammation and irritation when it is left on the lips or the skin that surrounds them.

Once a person brushes their teeth, they should carefully wipe away at any toothpaste residue that is on the lips to ensure that it does not have time to cause irritation and zits to form.


a woman applies lipstick and makeup to her face

Certain types of makeup products can contribute to this problem. When selecting makeup to wear, people that suffer from acne should look for dermatologist-approved options that will not clog pores.

Makeup should always get carefully removed with a makeup cleansing wipe before the individual washes the face with their cleanser.

It is necessary to remove all traces of the makeup before going to bed because it can clog pores even more if it gets left on the skin for extended periods.


a jar of face lotion

Many people use lotion to keep their skin smooth and smelling good. However, certain types of lotion should not get applied to the face because those products contain pore-clogging ingredients that often cause blemishes to appear.

No one should ever use the same lotion on their face that they are using for their body unless otherwise directed to do so by a dermatologist.


sunscreen in the sand

Wearing sunscreen on the face and body is a must for protection against the sun and possible sun cancer, but not all products are created equally.

Some sunscreen products for the body are heavy and greasy, which means they can quickly clog the pores and lead to blemishes by the lips, chip, and all over the face.

It is far better to use one type of sunscreen for the body and then use a non-comedogenic moisturizer with SPF for the face.

Does Shaving Cause Mouth Acne?

a guy gets a straight razor shave

Whenever a person shaves, they could end up with some razor bumps. If bacteria gets into those bumps, it can eventually cause them to turn into acne blemishes.

Anyone who is planning on shaving the face should do so with shaving cream, a non-dull razor, and warm water.

Dry shaving is one of the primary reasons that men end up with razor bumps that turn into blemishes around the lips.

How to Prevent it

Having this type of acne is frustrating, but there are ways to prevent it. Those that have concerns about these blemishes should avoid using products that clog the pores while following a skincare regime that works.

A good skincare regime cleans the layers of the skin to eliminate dirt, bacteria, and oil while helping with hydration and reducing all the inflammation. Following a step-by-step system is the best way to overcome this type of acne over time while improving the overall condition of the skin.

Best Acne Creams For Face and Mouth

The best option for treating acne that is close to the mouth is to use a well-rounded acne treatment.

While there are different products that can effectively eliminate acne, it is necessary for someone with this type of acne to follow a step system that includes a deep cleansing face wash, a topical treatment gel, and a daily oil control moisturizer that will not clog the pores.

Of all the different products that are on the market, Proactiv MD’s 3-Step Acne Fighting System is a top choice for several reasons.

The Proactiv MD Acne Fighting System (read our review here) comes with three products that will help to keep the skin free of dirt and bacteria that could potentially cause blemishes to appear.

a box of proactiv md

It works to treat the blemishes, reduce the redness, and even shrink the pores to keep them from looking so enlarged. Effective and gentle ingredients are blended together to create the different products in the system that work so well with one another.

The deep cleansing face wash contains several essential ingredients that help to strip away dirt and excess oil without causing damage to the skin. Some of the ingredients included in the deep cleansing face wash are Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Aloe Leaf Juice, Sodium Hydroxide, and Jojoba Esters. It is a great product to use when washing the face in the morning and again at the end of the day.

While the cleanser is one important component included in Proactiv MD’s 3-Step Acne Fighting System, there are two other important products that must be used.

The acne treatment gel gets applied to the skin to fight active blemishes. It helps with drying them out and getting them to disappear rather quickly.

It is an adapalene gel with a concentrate of 0.1%. Some use it all over the face while others use it specifically as a spot treatment.

After cleansing, drying the face, and using the spot treatment, it is then best to apply the daily oil control moisturizer. It hydrates the skin and prevents it from getting dry due to the use of the adapalene gel. It contains SPF 30 to protect the skin from the sun, so it is safe to use as a daily moisturizer/sunscreen product.

Those that want to keep acne at bay should give the three-step system a try. It is an affordable product that works well for all different skin types. It is available on the website for $34.95.

However, individuals that are looking to save more money while clearing their skin can benefit from signing up for a subscription. Those that do subscribe to receive the product regularly can get the Proactiv MD’s 3-Step Acne Fighting System for as low as $19.95, which is the best price available for full-size products that can last a while.

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Summary: Prevention is Key

Acne can start to appear close to the mouth at the most random and inconvenient times. For some people, it is a matter of hormones that are out of whack.

However, most people end up with these blemishes near their lips because of the products they are using that clog the pores and are simply too harsh on the skin. Anyone who has this problem should pay close attention to what they are using on their face and near their lips, including makeup products, lip balms, and even toothpaste.

The key to treating the acne and keeping it away for good also lies within having a solid acne prevention regime, such as Proactiv MD’s 3-Step Acne Fighting System that provides amazing results because of its effective ingredients.

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