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Acne impacts millions upon millions of people and remains one of the most important skin-related issues in dermatology.

Proactiv is one of the acne-treatment systems that have entered the market and become popularized. It’s important to understand what Proactiv MD is and what it has to offer those who use it on a daily basis.

What is Proactiv?

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Proactiv (learn more) is a detailed acne-treatment system aimed at people of all ages. The product uses specifically chosen ingredients to help heal, clear, and treat acne (including blemishes) while promoting preventative solutions.

The 3-Step System includes:


According to Proactiv, its acne-treatment system is able to provide a wide array of advantages including the reduction of acne, minimized dryness, and an overall enhancement of one’s skin (i.e. texture, glow).

Are There Long-Term Effects?

Let’s move onto analyzing what Proactiv and its acne-treatment system have to offer. The system is designed by lead researchers with years of acne-related expertise and this is a company that’s made a name for itself.

The products provide a long set of effects and all of them will be mentioned here for deeper analysis.

To find out exactly how long it safe for you to use Proactiv or other medications, be sure to consult with your medical doctor for the best advice.

1) Less Oily Skin

A split test completed over the span of eight weeks involving 40 subjects showcased Proactiv’s ability to reduce oily skin [1]. This study was aimed at comparing Proactiv’s acne-treatment system with a competitor and the reduction in oiliness was a major long-term advantage.

Oily skin troubles people of all ages as it can increase the likelihood of newfound acne development. This can lead to pores getting clogged, impossible to manage, and also takes away from the skin’s natural quality (i.e. glow). The skin can start to look mucky even if it has been washed a few minutes ago. With this in mind, the system was put through a series of tests and came out looking good when it came to skin-related oiliness.

The oil was able to stay clear as long as the directions were followed and the system was completed on time [1]. This finding is an important declaration of the positive impact Proactiv’s acne-treatment system can have on those who use it. As the skin becomes less and less oily, it’s easier to manage the underlying acne blemishes that are present. A person doesn’t have to deal with additional acne.

2) Minimal Dryness

Another long-term effect that is mentioned with the use of Proactiv’s three-step system involves minimal dryness. One of the major symptoms people mention when it comes to their acne-filled skin is natural dryness that refuses to go away. Dermatologists continue to use medicated solutions to tackle this symptom but it only compounds itself with each passing day.

To avoid this dryness, Proactiv claims to get rid of the general drying of the skin using its unique system.

Studies completed on the product showcase its ability to fend off underlying dryness and leave the skin feeling moisturized [1]. Tests run by independent researchers and the company itself have come back to showcase the same thing. This dryness is one of the major yet underrated reasons for chronic acne. When the acne-treatment system is put to the test, subjects were able to notice a change in how they felt and how the skin felt to the touch [1]. It was less and less dry as time went on and this also improved the general appearance of their skin [1].

This is an important long-term effect to keep in mind with a product such as Proactiv since it is designed for continuous use.

3) Improved Texture

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Comparisons run between various natural products and Proactiv’s acne-treatment system were able to show the difference in this power-packed solution. The study revealed the system’s ability to enhance the user’s skin by improving its texture [2]. This means anyone that was using the system started to notice a change in how the skin felt. Some of this had to do with having a regular skincare routine while others included the intrinsic ingredients that are provided in the system. As the skin begins to interact with the acne-treatment system and its various stages, it starts to clear up.

This is advantageous to those that haven’t taken the time to use other treatments and want to begin with Proactiv’s system.

The improvement in texture is a major plus point for those hoping to see major long-term effects after the use of a system such as this. It was able to clear up the skin of all acne-related blemishes while also improving how it felt to the touch. This improved texture is one of the most important advantages for individuals looking to progress towards healthier skin.

As the system is put to use, it is able to keep the skin looking great after the initial blemishes are removed.

4) Brighter Complexion

Complexion was one of the other advantages that are mentioned on Proactiv’s website and it’s important to dig deeper into this long-term effect. According to research done on the subject, there was a slight improvement in the user’s complexion [2].

This means the individual was able to notice a change in how their skin appeared. Please note, this also has to do with the removal of darkening acne blemishes and the general dryness these subjects have to deal with [2].

As the skin kept clearing up, the complexion improved and this is a good sign for those hoping to use Proactiv’s system.

5) Reduction in Acne

The final long-term effect and the most important one of them all is the removal of acne. If a person is still dealing with acne in the long-term then it is not a good system to go with!

However, Proactiv’s acne-treatment system has been a major success because of its ability to work on the skin and get the job done. The skin will look fresher, healthier, and acne-free as long as the directions are followed.

This was shown in the studies conducting using this system and how it compared to similar options.

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