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Licorice Powder For Skin Whitening?

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Any beauty buff will reckon that a large part of beauty emanates from the state and appearance of the skin. Granted that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, having an even-toned skin that is smooth and glowing will make your beauty undeniable for every admirer to see. Few things have an impact on beauty as the state of your skin.

It thus stands to reason to put some effort into attaining a smooth, even-toned skin that is not only glowing but actually healthy. And for the most part, if you are beauty conscious, you will make an effort to keep your skin healthy.

However, this is usually easier said than done.

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Skin

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The skin is the largest organ in a human body, covering the entire body. As such, it is quite difficult to have every inch of the body in pristine condition, let alone even toned.

Additionally, the skin is exposed to the elements more than any other organ, leaving it at the mercy of our environment. As such, it is bombarded with damaging elements that reduce the ability of the skin to retain an even tone.

How Licorice Powder Can Help

With this in mind, you need to provide ample care to your skin, with a particular interest in helping your skin attain and retain an even tone. In this regard, one of the best home remedies for an even skin tone is the use of licorice powder for skin whitening.

Licorice powder is a powder derived from the roots of the herb Glycyrrhiza Glabra. It is also known as licorice in some parts of the world, in addition to many other traditional names throughout the Asian continent.

More importantly, the herb powder has been in use among many Asiatic cultures as a home remedy, proving to be a very effective traditional medicine ingredient.

However, in the modern context, licorice is popularly used in matters of skin care and skin lighting.

The active ingredients in the herbs Glabridin, Isoliquiritin, and Liquiritin have skin care properties. In the case of Glabridin, is has a notable capacity and capability of reducing the production of excess melanin by the skin cells, giving it very effective skin whitening properties.

As a testament to its capability in matters of natural skin whitening, it is used in a wide array of commercial skin whitening as an active ingredient. Nonetheless, it is most effective when used in a natural state rather than in a processed and preserved state.

How Licorice Can Help with Skin Whitening

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The primary way in which licorice effects skin whitening is through suppressing the overproduction of melanin by skin cells.

In doing this, the herb helps prevent skin cells from producing excess melanin in the face of injury, abrasion, and scar formation which create dark spots or an uneven skin tone.

Licorice also protects the skin from harmful and usually skin tome damaging UV radiation.

In this regard, the active ingredient Glabridin helps to prevent skin damage to the skin due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Skin Whitening Licorice Pack Recipes

1. Licorice + Turmeric Skin Whitening Pack

To make this pack, add one tablespoon of licorice powder, rice flour, and turmeric. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Use rose water or rice water to form a paste.

The resultant pack can be used to treat acne scars and general whitening.

2. Licorice +Sandalwood Skin Whitening Pack

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This pack is particularly effective in getting rid of dark spot. Mix one tablespoon of licorice powder with half a tablespoon of sandalwood, and then add milk to form a paste.

3. Licorice + Honey Skin Whitening Pack

This particular pack is simple to make. It is used as a skin whitening face mask. Add one tablespoon of licorice and add raw unprocessed honey to form a paste. Mix until you attain a thick paste.

4. Licorice Whole Body Skin Lightening Pack

This is a simple skin whitening pack that can be applied on any part of the body that needs whitening. It is safe and effective at the same time.

Mix four tablespoons of licorice with a quarter cup of cold milk. Stir until you attain fine consistency. Then you can apply the resultant thick paste with a brush on the part of the skin that requires whitening.

Let it dry and remove by scrubbing off with a damp cotton.

Final Thoughts – A Better Option?

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Admittedly, there are other licorice skin whitening recipes you can find, especially on the internet. Nonetheless, any of the above skin lightening pack will work wonders for you if you are interested in attaining and retaining a smooth even-toned skin.

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