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How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally

learn how to get plump celebrity lips

…and Without Makeup

Whether a woman who loves the beautiful plump lip look that Angelina Jolie helped make so popular in recent years or a guy with thin lips who wants to look a little bit more attractive and kissable to the opposite sex, there’s little denying that bigger lips are often seen as more attractive and sexy.

There are many different ways to get bigger lips, or at least the appearance of larger lips, creating the same practical aesthetic effect.

While you may read about rumors of many stars and starlets using bee venom as a way of getting thicker lips due to the reaction, this isn’t a smart long-term solution.

While this might be a natural treatment that doesn’t mean that is a solid one. We’re going to look at smart ways that you can make your lips bigger without implants, or use makeup tips that can help lips look thicker without invasive surgeries or medical procedures.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Naturally Bigger Lips for 2019

1. Eat Spicy Foods

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Eating spicy foods is one of the most natural ways to help plump up lips.

Many people would be surprised by this, but that tingling you feel while eating certain spicy dishes (or even from licking your tongue over your lips afterward) isn’t just leftover heat from the spices but it indicates an actual growth reaction.

This not only has been shown in some studies to create larger, thicker, and plumper lips after eating these meals but when enough spicy foods are eaten over time the growth in lip plumpness can be permanent or semi-permanent.

They might not keep the full size at their biggest, but they still eventually return to a larger size than they were initially.

There are two types of heat that in particular seem to have a really obvious effects on helping to plump up lips: green chilies which are common in many Mexican dishes, as well as Sichuan peppers, which are found in China.

These groups of extra spicy peppers have been shown to have a measured effect and while some people may not have stomachs that handle extra hot spicy foods like this, for those of us who can this is a great way to make sure those lips are plump long after the meal time and obvious spicy heat has ended.

2. Try Peppermint Oil

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There are certain essential oils, distilled oils, or simple common oils that have a natural effect on your lips that for whatever reason can actually help plump up your lips.

Peppermint oil is one of those and is perhaps the most popular natural option.

Peppermint oil is a common cooking and baking ingredient, which is why it is available in virtually any grocery store. T

his acts as a very natural lip plumper, in large part because various ingredients within peppermint oil help to increase and improve blood circulation in your lips.

This causes a slight irritation that makes them swell a bit as well as often take in a deeper and more pronounced red color that further makes your lips look better (and bigger).

Unlike many other natural methods (like spicy foods) you get a cooling effect on your lips instead of a heated one.

This works solo or peppermint oil can be mixed with regular lip balm or chapstick in order to get the fully desired effects.

So don’t just grab them for a special dessert to bake but make sure you get enough to add with the lip balm, any natural lip treatments you use, or added to your chapstick.

3. Capsicum Oil

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If capsicum sounds familiar, that’s because this is the specific chemical found in hot red peppers that makes them really spicy. While also available in powder, the best way to get capsicum is through cayenne pepper oil at any store.

This is a common ingredient for very specific food dishes in addition to being a popular ingredient for homemade lip balm or lip gloss.

There are many other individuals who use just a couple drops this ingredient (not too much is needed – remember in large amounts this is the ingredient in pepper spray), some Vaseline and/or their favorite lip balm and mix them to create a homemade lip balm.

You’ll want to be careful to experiment with the amounts to make sure you don’t get too much and end up irritating your lips. A note from the pro-home mixers: red lip balm works the best for the mixture.

If for some reason you can’t use capsicum oil because you can’t find it or can’t get the right mixture, you can use capsicum powder. In this case, use a very tiny amount (if in doubt use the smaller amount) and mix it with water before applying directly to your lips.

Wait for five minutes (if the burning is intense you used too much and need to rinse off early) and then rinse it off.

Remember this is a big impact ingredient so a little goes a really long way. Don’t overdo it!

4. Rely On The Power Of Cinnamon!

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Cinnamon oil is a very common ingredient any time you are looking at natural lip plumpers that are on the market.

Whether you mix water with undiluted cinnamon powder or use actual cinnamon powder, this has been shown to drastically improve blood flow in order to help you enjoy bigger and fuller lips. You’ll find it doesn’t take all that much in order to get some fantastic results.

Just a drop or two of this oil into your balm or gloss of choice will help you get on the path to better-looking lips.

Cinnamon oil works with a simple mixture or you can create your own natural liquid blend using cinnamon powder as an ingredient.

5. Use Natural Lip Plumper

a woman uses a natural lip plumper

There is a bit of controversy over this tip as there are arguments about how many of the products that advertise themselves as natural in the store really are.

However, all of these products have an ingredient list and when you recognize all the ingredients on there, that means you are in pretty good shape. There are several things to look for to make sure you’re getting the right ones.

Aside from the already mentioned peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, or capsicum oil, another very popular and common ingredient to look for is honey.

Honey has enjoyed a renaissance as a great natural ingredient for a variety of things, including creating bigger, thicker, and redder lips. In this case one of the major reasons is because the sugar in the honey will help encourage blood flow in the lips as well as increasing the coloration to a deeper red that most people find as one of the ideals.

There are many great natural lip plumpers that use honey with or without the other ingredients that were listed earlier in this article.

Honey is a fantastic ingredient for making your lips look much better and if they are combined with the other natural ingredients for a lip balm you will be extremely happy with the results.

Final Thoughts

From using makeup to increase the appearance of lip size to using an array of natural ingredients that will help you get bigger, fuller, and thicker lips there are plenty of options for thicker and/or better-looking lips.

If you do a little bit of research, pay attention to which natural ingredients have the best effects on your particular lips, then you will be able to get fuller thicker lips in no time!

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