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Does Proactiv Cause Breakouts at First?

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Our skin is our largest organ and it is important to properly take care of it. There are many reasons to do so and there are countless options for products to use on the skin.

A very popular option that many people have had great success with is Proactiv.

Using this skin care product line provides the user with many benefits, including clearer skin. If you are considering using the products for yourself, you may have questions. Or possibly you have already started using it and want to know more.

Either way, we’re here to set the record straight about what you can expect when you first start using Proactiv.

So Does it Cause Breakouts?

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The short answer is no, Proacitv doesn’t typically cause breakouts.

In some rare cases, however, you may notice what “appear” to be breakouts.

Many times when you start using something new on your skin, especially something as effective as the Proactiv line, you may find that your face does break out a little bit.

This is actually a good sign, even though it may not make you very happy.

The breaking out of your skin is not a guarantee, but it is a possibility. This is the bad stuff coming out and making its way to the surface.

The breakouts that you may see may be annoying, but when you are using Proactiv, they will quickly heal and it’s likely they will go away quickly as you continue using your Proactiv products.

What About Skin Irritation?

If you do find that Proactiv irritates your skin, it may be a good idea to back off just a little.

If you had been using the products two times a day, you might want to use it only one time each day for a week or two. This isn’t necessary, but it is an option if the breakouts do occur.

The good news is, with regular use of the complete Proactiv line, you will notice drastic improvements in your skin. So, it is important that you don’t stop if you begin to see any blemishes the first several weeks of using the products.

The Bottom Line on Proactiv

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So, if you have decided that Proactiv is a good choice for you, you will want to purchase it and begin using it.

You can find it a few different ways, but the best idea is to buy it directly from the Proactiv website.

By making sure you are buying this way, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you expect. Also, since Proactiv has a guarantee, you will only be provided this if you buy from an authorized retailer.

Once you get the skin care products that fight blemishes, you can begin using them. Before you do, though, make sure that you learn as much as you can about the items as you can. It is important to know exactly how to use each one of them.

They were created to be used together and that is how they will most help you. You should learn how to use them and in which order to do so.

You can do this by visiting the website that sells Proactiv or on the containers themselves. No matter where you learn about them, you should do so to make sure the whole entire product line works for you the way that you want it to.

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As you use the Proactiv line to help take care of your skin, you should begin to see positive results rather quickly. The line was developed for those who have breakouts and want to avoid them. If you have questions or concerns, you can visit the Proactiv website.

By doing so, you can learn even more about the products, how to use them, and also find a lot of other important information.

While here, you can even ask questions that you may have. The more you learn and know about what you are using on your skin, the more successful you will be with its use.

Taking time to learn how Proactiv works and why it is so effective can be helpful in your quest for beautiful, clear skin.


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The easiest answer to this question is, no, Proactiv doesn’t typically cause breakouts when you start using it.

Yes, there are some occasions when you may notice some minor skin irritation, but typically, you should start to see your breakouts go away very quickly.

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