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Aguaje Fruit Pill Reviews

Aguaje Fruit Pill Reviews: Natural Butt Enlargement?

With so many supplements and pills flooding the health market today it can seem nearly impossible to tell what really works and what is just marketing hype. Do you want to lose weight? Then they claim there is a supplement for that.

What if you want to build muscle mass? There is a pill for that. And what if you want a larger butt? They say that the aguaje fruit pill can do that for you.

But which of these claims is truthful and which are just hype?

a woman with a nice firm butt

In reality, there are definitely some supplements that will help you lose weight. There are also some that will help you build muscle mass. And, yes, there are some that will help you have a larger rear end.

The real challenge is finding these different supplements, researching them properly, and then making a smart purchase decision without letting that marketing hype influence you.

Of the three supplement claims mentioned previously, there is one that has been at the center of the public’s attention for the past few months. That is the supplement that claims to increase booty size.

It’s known as the aguaje fruit pill and a lot of people are dipping into their bank accounts or cracking open their wallets to purchase it.

But does it really work? In this Aguaje Fruit review, we’ll look for answers, as well as what’s actually working when it comes to natural butt enlargement.

What is the Aguaje Fruit?

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If you want to know if the pill works, then you first need to start at the source. This is a general rule that applies to any supplement or extract making such a bold claim. In this case, the source of the pill is the Aguaje fruit.

Or, if you prefer the scientific name of the plant, it is the Mauritia flexuosa. A more common name for the plant itself is the moriche palm.

Where it Grows

The moriche palm is a palm tree that can be found growing around swamp-like areas all throughout South America. It prefers growing in Venezuela, Trinidad, Brazil, Peru, and Guyana. The tree itself is impressive and can reach heights of 115 feet in some cases.

Its leaves form several large crowns that help differentiate it from the palm trees you may be used to seeing in the Southern United States.

For five months out of the year, the moriche palm grows yellow flowers with tough, chestnut-colored fruits. Each fruit is covered with what looks like scales.

What’s Inside?

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On the inside is the meat of the fruit and a large nut. The first interesting thing you’ll notice about these seeds is that they float. They can float across the water near where the tree grows and sprout in a far off location.

That’s likely why this tree has been able to spread throughout South America so efficiently.

But there is definitely more to notice about the aguaje fruit than just it’s ability to float. It happens to be an edible fruit that is used throughout the region to make small snacks, juices, ice cream, wine, and jams.

Huge Demand

Every day in Peru, more than 50 tons of the aguaje fruit is harvested and converted into something of use for the population. One of the many ways this fruit is used is to create the aguaje fruit pills that can supposedly increase the size of your butt.

Why are so many people interested in eating this fruit? Of course, it is said to taste delicious. But what about taking it as a pill?

Even aside from the claims that it can increase the size of your booty, the aguaje fruit and the pills that derive from it have some pretty astounding health benefits.

Health Benefits of Aguaje for Butt Building

health benefits of Aguaje for Butt Building

The aguaje fruit can improve your personal health in a number of ways. That may be one of the reasons why the fruit was already so popular in the regions where it is grown.

As a matter of fact, it’s a popular health food for men as well. Men who may care nothing at all about the size of their butt.

Many of the benefits stem from the buriti oil that the fruit contains.

Buriti oil is extremely popular in its own right. There are several creams, ointments, and extracts that are primarily buriti oil. The name comes from the buriti palm tree, which is simply another name for the moriche palm.

Buriti oil contains a mixture of essential fatty acids, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Each of these powerful nutrients benefits the body in several ways. They also benefit the skin tremendously when applied topically. That’s why you will find many skin care products that contain buriti oil or aguaje fruit extract.

Vitamin E, in particular, is extremely good for the skin. There haven’t been a great number of studies on the fruit or its extract, but there have been a few. One of those studies tested the relation of the oil with the skin and sunlight.

It revealed that the oil could filter UV-rays and absorb many of them, thus preventing them from damaging the skin.

When consumed, the vitamin E works to destroy free radical in the body. The same goes for the beta-carotene and the vitamin C that the fruit contains.

Essential fatty acids have been the subject of discussion for more than a decade now. Unlike the fruit itself, they have been the focus of at least a dozen different studies in the past few years. Not only can they improve your health in general, but they also make your existing diet more effective.

But How Does it Affect Booty Shape?

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Even if the aguaje fruit pills didn’t affect butt size, the above benefits would more than warrant adding the supplement to your daily routine. But it’s how this fruit affects the shape and size of the body that has really earned it so much media attention. How does it work, though?

It’s actually a combination of several different things that cause the overall difference. However, the primary boost comes from the hormone boost.

The aguaje fruit contains a large amount of phytohormones. Phytohormones are compounds that occur naturally and mimic hormones in the body. In particular, these phytohormones are mimicking the female estrogen hormone.

It turns out, eating aguaje in large amounts or taking aguaje fruit pills regularly can have a significant impact on female hormone levels. So much so that it can greatly benefit women who are beginning to go through menopause. It’s even been said that the pills can help boost fertility in some cases.

As you may know, the levels of estrogen in the body play a big role in determining body shape and fat distribution.

By increasing hormone levels a person could increase the size of their thighs, buttocks, and breast. That is the primary reason that the aguaje fruit pills do actually increase buttocks size.

There are a few other benefits that the pill provides which lend to an improved buttocks size. One of those is the inclusion of oleic acids. These acids actually help the body boost production of its own estrogen naturally.

The Final Verdict on Aguaje Pills

The big question is, “Do aguaje fruit pills really make your butt bigger?” And the answer is, “Yes. They absolutely can, with the right workout routine”.

The pills are derived from the aguaje fruit, which contains a number of different nutrients. It also contains phytohormones that mimic estrogen.

Consuming these pills on a regular basis can result in a shapelier body with a bigger and more firm butt, but you will also want to use the right butt-building workout routine to see real results.

The Best Natural Butt-Building Cream

apex booty before and after

While there is some evidence that Aguaje fruit pills can help with butt-building, we prefer to use topical cream, rather than taking pills every day.

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It works best when paired with a solid butt-building routine.

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