Do Saunas Help with Acne?

can saunas help with acne

Isn’t it annoying when you have an invitation to attend tomorrow, and you wake up to find your face full of acne? You think that it is your oily skin and the fact that you spend a lot of time outdoors during work that is the cause of an acne outbreak.

Various factors can lead to the buildup of bacteria in the pores that ultimately lead to acne.

You may try a variety of skincare products, natural remedies, and medicines to treat acne, but they don’t fully care or eliminate the chances for them to reoccur again.

One unique way to solve your acne problems is to take a sauna.

Unlike the steam rooms where you walk into a room with moist warm air, saunas use dry heat that helps to work up a sweat. It soothes to soothe your aching muscles, but experts have also found that they are helpful for people with acne-prone skin.

However, there is also a doubt that sweat together with the bacteria inside the skin pores is the reason for acne breakout. If this has left you confused whether sauna is ideal for treating acne or not, here’s what you need to know.

Bacteria Causing Acne

acne causing bacteria

Your skin contains both good bacteria and bad bacteria. But when there is an excessive amount of harmful bacteria present in your skin, they tend to show signs to make their presence felt.

One of their signs is acne.

The Propionibacterium is the one that causes acne, and this harmful germ causes the skin enzymes to react with the natural oils in your skin to create zits.

The overabundance of natural oils in the skin react with Propionibacterium causes acne outbreaks.

Most people have a notion that sweat is a significant contributor to acne. This is a myth. There are numerous antimicrobial peptides present in sweat that repels the harmful germs that usually cause acne. Sweat contains protein dermcidin that can counteract the activities that manufacture the acne-causing germs.

Experts have also found that dermcidin can destroy Propionibacterium that can help deal with acne once and for all. Now you can understand why sweating it out at a sauna can help treat acne better.

Do Saunas Cure Acne?

a sauna

Unlike the best skincare products for acne that use a combination of chemical ingredients, sauna baths are natural, and they tend to your acne by sweating the germs out.

Saunas have been used for centuries to deal with various skin problems, and acne is one of them.

Can Help with Oily Skin

It helps to decrease the oil content in your skin and also regulate its pH levels. As soon as the oiliness in your skin decreases, the chances of reacting with Propionibacterium also reduce, thus controlling the acne outbreaks.

With a better skin cohesion level, less skin peeling, and low sebum content, you will not only have acne-free skin, but it will also have a fresh and natural glow in a few days. A sauna bath once or twice a week can fight acne-causing germs successfully.

This reduces the number of bad bacteria in your skin and fills it with good bacteria that keep your skin soft, supple, and free from pimples.

Does the Sweat Help?

hot stones in a sauna

There is another way to look at the effect of saunas on acne. When you sweat in a sauna, the deep moisturizing effect of the sweat may also help reduce acne breakouts.

The skin hydrates almost twice than usual when you are in a sauna. This improves the cell activities in your skin that helps deal with acne better.

With intense sweating, the blood circulation in the skin also improves that is not only helpful for the entire body but also reduces the breakout of acne.

If you frequently experience acne breakouts, improper blood flow can be one of the reasons.

However, this is efficiently dealt in the saunas. They help heal the existing acne and also make sure they don’t come back again.

Their ability to stimulate the nutrition rate of epithelial cells keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized, and soft for long periods.

Stress Reduction is Key

Stress is another factor that contributes to acne outbreaks. A visit to the sauna alleviates stress that helps to deal with acne efficiently. Your skin’s ability to intake oxygen increases after frequent visits to the sauna. This improves the skin metabolism rate leading to a better quality of life for the organisms.

Are there Risks with Frequent Sauna Visits?

an outdoor sauna

As mentioned earlier, some people believe sweating contributes to acne breakouts.

Since sweating is usually associated with oily and unhealthy skin, people think that saunas can aggravate the oiliness and bring more harm to the skin.

What they don’t realize is the potassium and sodium from the sweat exfoliates your skin to keep acne out. However, you should always wash your skin after getting out of a sauna.

Take a bath to get rid of the sweat so that the skin pores can breathe freely.

Also, don’t use any skincare products before going into the sauna. This will help clean the skin pores better. You can use a deep cleansing cream to gently cleanse your face after exiting the sauna but make sure you don’t take a handful of it. A few drops will do the trick.

It is ideal to stay for a quarter of an hour at the sauna to avoid excessive sweating. However, it depends on your skin type.

If it is too dry, you can spend a few minutes more. Excessive sweating can lead to drier skin because natural skin oil tends to constrict itself from overflowing. You should also check your blood pressure before frequent sauna visits.

The intense heat will increase your blood circulation rate, and if it goes beyond normal, you will feel suffocation inside the sauna room. It is wise for patients with heart problems to avoid frequent visits to the sauna.

But one thing is clear – saunas can help improve your skin texture and keep acne away. There is no myth you should believe in involving excessive sweating and acne breakouts.

Try visiting the sauna a few times to notice the significant change.