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Curology Reviews, Results and Pricing Guide

curology reviews and pricing guide

Acne is a problem for millions of people that are living in the United States and all around the world. A person who has acne may experience cystic blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, and papules on the skin.

Some cases of acne are more severe and problematic than others. Unfortunately, the skin condition occurs when the pores are severely clogged with dirt and oil.

While some people naturally have clear skin and never seem to deal with blemishes on their face or body, others are stuck with the burden of dealing with these unsightly blemishes all over.

When a person suffers from acne, they may go through great lengths to try to get rid of it. Thousands of products are sold on the shelves of different stores, but that does not mean that those products are the most effective. Many of the products that are made for acne-prone skin contain extremely harsh ingredients that are rough on the skin and can even end up causing more acne.

It turns into a frustrating cycle of constantly trying to get rid of the blemishes with products that may not always work.

What works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another person and that is why Curology is available. It is a custom skincare line designed to help people treat their acne to achieve healthy, blemish-free skin over time.

It consists of beneficial, gentle ingredients that can leave drastically improve the look, feel, and texture of the skin.

What is Curology?

the curology 3 step system

Curology is a product that is unlike any other acne product on the market because it is customized specifically for each person who has specific problems with their skin. These products are not available at drugstores and are only available online via the Curology website.

The purpose of this product is to help solve various skin concerns for those with different issues because not all acne is the same. Some people want to fight acne and fight signs of aging while others have concerns about getting rid of unwanted blackheads.

The products that are available are composed of different active ingredients based on the information that is initially provided by the customer when he or she first views the website and completes their online profile.

How it Works

Obtaining Curology products is such a simple process. The person who suffers from acne can visit the website, create an account using their email address or Facebook account, and then fill out details on their primary skin concerns. Some of the different skin concerns that are listed include clogged pores, acne, dark spots, texture issues, and wrinkles.

use all three bottles for best results

After providing details about the skin concerns and the primary location of the breakouts, such as the face, back, or even the chest, the individual can describe his or her skin type.

Some people have oily skin while others have excessively dry skin that could use some extra hydration. There are people with combination skin, too.

As soon as these details are provided, the individual will need to answer a few extra questions about his or her health and any medications that he or she is taking. Pregnant women or women that are nursing must disclose this information while answering questions on the website.

Women that are currently taking birth control should also disclose details about the type of birth control they are currently using. Individuals that are filling out this information on the website can even snap a few pictures of their face from different angles to show to the provider what their skin looks like before they start receiving their customized skincare plan.

Upon providing all the required information, Curology will send a box set out to the individual that consists of three primary products – cleanser, moisturizer, and a superbottle that helps with treating the blemishes directly to get them to shrink in size and eventually subside.

While each person who purchases the skincare set from Curology will get three products to use each day, the ingredients included in those different bottles of the product will vary based on various factors, including the individual’s skin concerns, skin type, and medical history.

The three-step system should last for around 30 days before a new set is needed.

The products that are offered are fragrance-free and will not clog pores. These products will help individuals remove the dirt and oil from the skin in a gentle way without drying the skin out. The moisturizer is non-comedogenic and does not leave an oily residue behind on the face. It simply helps with hydration to keep the skin from becoming excessively dry.

Before and After Pictures and Results

Those that are feeling a bit skeptical about trying another product after not having much success with various acne products in the past can benefit from reviewing some of the before and after pictures of the different results that people have managed to achieve.

Many acne sufferers that have already tried Curology have taken the time to leave lengthy reviews about their experiences.

The before and after pictures tell a story like no other. It is easy to see that some people have managed to completely eliminate the unwanted blemishes from their face by sticking with the custom plan that was given to them by a professional provider from Curology.

There are plenty of these stories to check out online, but here are a couple we wanted to share here…

real customer testimonials

curology before and after results


Various ingredients are blended together to create effective cleansers, moisturizers, and superbottles specifically for people to use to treat their skin problems. These ingredients are not harsh and are known for gently working to clean the skin and clear it. The cleanser contains water, coco-glucoside, citric acid, oat leaf extract, and several other effective active ingredients.

The moisturizer is a blend of dimethicone, water, citric acid, sorbitan olivate, and several other ingredients.

The ingredients in the superbottle will vary based on an individual’s specific skin concerns. The prescription product is a combination of at least three main ingredients, such as tretinoin, niacinamide, clindamycin, and azelaic acid.

Depending on the concerns of the client, vitamin C or zinc pyrithione may be added to the bottle. Several inactive ingredients are blended in with the active ingredients, such as tocopheryl acetate, petrolatum, sorbic acid, and simethicone.

Curology Alternatives

While Curology works great for a lot of folks, it’s not always the best acne-fighting option for everyone. If you’re looking for something different, we recommend checking out Proactiv MD’s 3-step acne fighting system.

You can see how the two compare to each other here.

It’s powered by Adapalene, which used to only be available by a doctor’s prescription. Now, you can get over the counter, though, and it’s Proactiv’s latest and best treatment option ever.

Learn more and lock in the best deals here.

Is it a Scam?

Curology is not a scam.

a tube of face lotion

It is a legitimate product offered to those struggling with acne. In fact, those that are feeling hopeless about being able to get rid of their acne can always give it a try for free before deciding to buy it.

While there are products for people with acne-prone skin that are available at the drugstore, those products may not work nearly as good at clearing the skin as these custom products can work.

Not one person has the exact same skin type, so it does not make sense to take a one-size-fits-all approach to treat acne and getting rid of those unwanted blemishes.

The founders of this product, David Lortscher, Glenn Lortscher, Nancy Satur, and Kris Fredrickson, happen to realize that custom skin care options are the best and most effective way to address a variety of skin concerns with a simple yet effective regime.

How Much Does it Cost – Is There a Free Trial?

A free trial is currently available to those that would like to try Curology before they commit to buying it each month to keep their skin clear. Although products are often available for as low as $19.95 per month, people can try the skin care system for free while only paying for the cost to ship the product out to the home.

Anyone who is fully satisfied with the experience of using these products can continue to make purchases on a monthly basis after the free trial is over to keep their skin looking good.

Review Summary: Does It Really Work?

Many people swear using Curology because it has helped them cure their acne and achieve healthy, clearer skin that looks amazing.

When a person has tried countless products and treatments over the years and finally has success with such a simple skin care system, they are often willing to share the good news with the world, which is why there are a lot of positive reviews about the skincare system online from all kinds of people.

Some of these people include social media influencers that have kept track of their results over the span of several weeks, providing proof of the difference the skincare system has made for them.

If a person uses Curology for an extended period and does not like the results that he or she is seeing, the individual can always choose to speak with a provider and have his or her custom treatment changed.

There is a bit of trial and error at times, but most people will see great results from using the skin care system regularly. It usually does not take very long for the acne to start to subside. Most people will see an incredibly noticeable difference within 30 days.

Anyone that is looking forward to having clear skin should consider giving Curology a try, especially since there is a free trial offer available.