Are Over the Counter Acne Medications Safe and Effective?

In the USA, over 2.9 billion trips are made to purchase over the counter drugs annually* and this number is rising.

The average person recognizes the advantages of OTC medications and makes regular purchases. For those who are considering the viability of these medications and whether or not they’re suitable, it’s time to analyze them in detail to measure effectiveness and safety.

This read will provide answers to all of your questions.

What Are Over The Counter Medications?

Over the counter medications are exactly as their name suggests.

These are medications sold “over the counter” meaning one does not require a prescription to get their hands on them. An example of something that falls under this tag would be Tylenol as it can be purchased from anywhere and is often found on the shelves of a pharmacy or supermarket.

Anyone can walk in and make the purchase without requiring assistance.

In general, these are reduced in strength compared to the heavy hitters in each segment which require a physician’s signed prescription.

Benefits of Over The Counter Medications

1) Quick Access

The advantages begin with quick access for those who don’t want to visit a doctor all the time. Most people know they require Tylenol for a headache and making them go an additional step to pay for a prescription is unreasonable and clogs up the system.

Patients are offered the opportunity to purchase OTC drugs right away as long as the pharmacy/supermarket is open.

This level of access is useful and ideal for those who are in a rush for something quick. It will not take up time and is as simple as going to the store to purchase a loaf of bread.

2) Quick Relief

Relief is the name of the game with any type of medication whether it is prescribed or not.

The beauty of OTC drugs is knowing you are going to find a solution that will take care of the symptoms. For example, it could be a toothache that you are dealing with and Tylenol could be a great solution to take before going to the dentist later on for a full check-up.

It is a solid solution that can take away pain or reduce some of the harsher symptoms that come along with a problem. A lot of people enjoy the benefits of OTC drugs for this reason.

3) Widely Used

A solution such as this is exciting since it offers a widely used option for patients.

Instead of having to go and look for a prescription that will offer a specific solution, this offers something universal that can tackle the short-term symptoms head-on. This is important for those who might want immediate relief and don’t want to go towards something that isn’t used regularly.

Medications such as Tylenol offer value as soon as they are bought and have a significant track record as a painkiller on the open market. This makes it easier to use them.

4) Usually More Affordable

Most of these medications are sold on the mass-market and have considerable sales.

These are sold for the purpose of offering an affordable solution and there are multiple brands to work with. This makes it easier for a person to go through the aisle and pick out a solution that is effective but budget-friendly at the same time.

Prescriptions are not as forgiving when it comes to the amount of money required to buy them. The additional costs are tacked on including the pharmacist’s service. This all adds up over time and is why OTC costs are minimized.

5) Wide Range of Options

Instead of being stuck with one type of medication, you will see a breadth of options made available to you without having to go to a pharmacist.

This is key for those who know what is ailing them and just require a simple solution that is in their price range. Whether it is a painkiller or something else, OTC drugs are an ideal option for those who want to look at a plethora of medications before finding a good one for their needs.

It is all about ignoring other options and going with the one that suits you.


What about the safety metrics of OTC drugs in this day and age?

In general, these OTC drugs are heavily tested by the FDA to ensure they’re safe and meet modern requirements. These are regularly spot-tested and each batch is put through a rigorous inspection for legitimacy, quality, and overall value. This is guaranteed.

All products go through regular FDA approvals and have their labels legally checked for validity.

All of this ensures the average person going to the store to make a purchase will be getting their hands on a safe medication. This is something everyone can rely on.

How Does This Fit in with Acne Meds?

Certain medication fit into all of the criteria we mentioned above, and these include proven OTC meds like Proactiv MD, BioClarity, and even Proactiv+. These have all been proven to be a safe and effective form of OTC treatment for acne, and they are typically more affordable than treatments that may be prescribed by your doctor.

If you’ve been struggling with breakouts on your face, it may be worth it to give them a try!