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The BioClarity Clear Skin System is a safe and effective acne-fighting trio, but the best part is it utilizes natural ingredients to get the job done.

With BioClarity, you can get amazing results without having to put your face through an overly-harsh treatment that can leave your face feeling dry and looking red and angry.

The secret is in their naturally derived “Floralux,” which actually comes from the green stuff you see in plants. When you combine that with a mild dose of the proven acne fighting medication Salicylic Acid, you can get some amazing results!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what BioClarity is all about, what Floralux really is, how much it costs, and whether or not it’s the right acne treatment system for you.

How BioClarity Works: The 3-Step Process to Clear Skin

The BioClarity system is made up of a 3-step process, that when used correctly should absolutely help clear your skin. When you sign up for their program, you’ll get three bottles of treatment creams:

  1. CLEANSE: Cleans Your Skin
  2. TREAT: Treats Acne – Contains 2% Salicylic Acid
  3. RESTORE: Nourish Your Skin Through the Power of Floralux

Of course, when you sign up they will send you the exact process you need to follow to get clearer skin, but for best results they recommend using this three-step process twice per day. Here’s a bit more about that process:

So, what steps do you need to take for the best results? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Each of the BioClarity products is clearly labeled, so you’ll know which one to use for each of the three steps. The first step in the process is to cleanse your face. All it takes is a nickel-sized dab of this amazing cleanser to get rid of ick and oil quickly! Massage it into your wet skin, rinse with warm water, pat yourself dry, and then take a moment to check out your radiant looking skin in the mirror.

PRO TIP: Use warm water vs. hot water – this will help prevent your skin from drying out and getting more irritated.

Step 2: TREAT

The BioClarity Treatment step adds some salicylic acid to the equation, which is a necessary component of battling blemishes. It will also help to combat inflammation and shrink your pores.

You will want to use this stuff both morning and night. To apply just gently tap this powerful gel on your blemishes with your fingertips. Be sure to let the gel dry before starting step 2.

PRO TIP: This gel is very powerful, so use in moderation! It only takes a little bit to get the job done. BioClarity recommends decreasing application to just once per day if you experience any dryness or irritation.


Restoring your skin is the final step in the process. This cream is a very nourishing form of chlorophyll – the stuff that makes plants green – that helps soothe, protect, and heal your skin. To use, simply apply one or two pumps to all over your face. You’ll love the cool, vitamin-rich feeling this cream brings. It should leave your face feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

PRO TIP: You only needs two pumps at most to leave your face feeling soothed and refreshed!

How Fast Until You See Real Results?

Clinical studies have proven that BioClarity’s 3-step acne fighting program can blast acne while soothing your skin. To get the best results possible you will want to be consistent with the directions they send. According to BioClarity, when you’ve been using their treatment as directed, you should start seeing amazing results between weeks 4 and 8.

BioClarity Ingredients

All-natural, you say? Don’t you need harsh, nasty chemicals to blast acne? Nope – it turns out you can get amazing results with acne-fighting compounds that are naturally derived from plants!

Floralux is the acne-fighting secret to the BioClarity blend, and it is a naturally derived compound from chlorophyll – the green stuff in plants! The best part is, Floralux has been proven in clinical trials to provide soothing comfort to skin, treat redness, and fight acne. They combine that with the most effective OTC acne med, for a potent one-two punch!

Their blend meets the three criteria that you can in a natural acne treatment:

  • It’s Suitable for All Types of Skin
  • It’s Naturally Better than the Competition
  • Helps to Sooth and Calm Your Skin

Here is a list of some of the key ingredients that make BioClarity so effective and soothing:

  • Floralux – The Chlorophyll Derived Compound
  • Green Tea – Powerful Detoxifier
  • Cucumber – Their Extract Soothes and Calms the Skin
  • Oat Kernel – Helps Soothe & Hydrate Skin
  • Chamomile – Helps Remove Dirt & Oil from Pores while Soothing Skin
  • Licorice Root – Cools & Restores Skin

Real Before & Pictures, Results, Testimonials

If you’re looking for the best BioClarity transformation possible, then you will want to closely follow the instructions they send with your first shipment. For those that do, some have seen real results in little as two weeks!

Now You’re Ready for Your Before and After…

For those who follow this 3-Step process as directed, they can expect to see some pretty incredible results! BioClarity has a bunch of real testimonial stories on their website, that are definitely worth reading if you’re looking for some inspiration before getting started!

Here are just a few of them that really stood out for me…

one user who had success

before and after pics

no more acne
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What the Users Had to Say

In addition to some of these pretty incredible pictures, there are also a lot of real users chiming in with written testimonials as well. So far, the feedback seems to be have been overwhelmingly positive, and here are just what a few verified purchasers had to say after using BioClarity:

Finally!! ive been struggling with acne since I was a teen. 13 years later I finally found something that makes me feel confident. I do a wash and a moisturize 3 times a day, I drink a cup of green tea in the middle of the day and I do a clay mask once a week. This system REALLY is making a huge difference on my face and LIFE! I have oily skip so it seems to suck the oil right out. I don’t need much of step 2 anymore since my face is clearing up, but when I do it works extremely well. I went on a hiking trip for 3 days and didn’t bring my wash, I got back and got a pimple 🙁 gone in just a day when I got back to my schedule. I also love that it is natural 🙂 I’m so pleased. Now I’m just working on those scars. Thank you so much bioclarity!!

Making my skin happy 🙂 I’m in week 5 of using the Bioclarity system & I will say that I am impressed. My forehead and cheeks are basically acne-free and I can tell that my chin and nose are slowly getting to that point (my acne is worse in those areas). When I first started I thought the system would bomb my acne like some of the other harsh washes/treatments I’ve tried, but it was more soothing and subtle. But the treatment gel is powerful enough to bring impurities to the surface without drying out my face; the restore gel makes my skin so happy! I’ve always been self-conscious about my complexion & have used foundation to cover up the redness/irritation. I don’t feel the need to wear as much foundation anymore and could see myself without it in the future with continued use of the system. Bioclarity is making my skin happy from the inside-out 🙂

6 months without makeup i’ve suffered with adult acne and deep, painful cystic acne for the past five years. i have tried altering my diet and countless other products, including the painfully expensive R+F line. i tried supplements and i’ve been through seven dermatologists – all with little success. i don’t know what made me think to order yet another acne system, but i’m so happy i did. after an initial purge i saw my skin become smoother and more even toned. after a month or so most of the inflammation was substantially reduced and then one day i woke up, washed my face, applied the bioclarity products and left the house for the day …without makeup! i hadn’t been able to do that since 2012! thank you so much for this brilliant line. i never want to be without it!

Of course, there are a few people who haven’t had the same level of success, but nothing is guaranteed to work for everyone. Odds are good, though, if you use BioClarity as directed it should help improve your skin.

Review Summary: Where to Buy

BioClarity’s 3-Step Acne Fighting system has been proven to be a safe and effective option for treating acne and breakouts.

The best part is, they utilize and effective blend of mostly natural ingredients, that when combined with one of the best over-the-counter acne-fighting meds on the planet, produces amazing results without being overly-harsh on your skin.

*That said, Proactiv is our top-rated choice for acne treatments, so if you’re looking for what works best, be sure to check them out – You can read our ProactivMD review here.


Here’s what a dermatologist had to say about BioClarity’s effectiveness:

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