Beverly Hills MD Review: Products, Prices, Results + Where to Buy

beverly hills md reviews and pricing info

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Beverly Hills MD may only be a few years old, but they’ve spent those years build a reputation as a leader in the beauty, anti-aging, and skincare industries. Their company emerged at a time when skincare products were rarely supported by actual science or medicine.

But Beverly Hills MD was founded by two well-known and respected doctors who understood that the market needed a new approach.

Customers always come back to Beverly Hills because their products actually deliver on their promises. They don’t claim to completely erase every blemish and line, but they certainly make a noticeable difference. And all of their products are supported by 100 percent 60-day money back guarantee. That means you can try their products without any risk.

Following is an in-depth review of one of the hottest names in the skincare industry. We’re going to look at some of their best products, their pricing details, the people behind the company, and the ingredients they use.

Once you have a full understanding of who they are and what they offer, you can decide if their product line is right for you.

Why We Recommend Beverly Hills MD

There are a lot of reasons to love Beverly Hills MD for skincare, but their anti-aging products are what we recommend most. They’re a great option for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and are typically a lot more affordable than comparable products on the market.

Here are just a few more reasons we love their products, especially the Crepe Correcting Body Complex:

  • Reduces the Appearance of Crepey Skin on the Body
  • Smooths the Appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Sagging
  • Can Provide You With All-Day Hydration on a “Deep Cellular Level”
  • Strengthen Your Skin’s Elasticity to Prevent Future Aging
  • It’s Affordable! Right now you can save up to $182.87!

Beverly Hills MD Anti-Aging Products and Ingredients

In this section, we’ll look at six of the best products sold by this company. We’ll also take a look at some of the ingredients that these products use to deliver optimal results.

1. Deep Wrinkle Filler

deep wrinkle filler

The Beverly Hills MD Deep Wrinkle Filler is another best selling product on their website. It offers an exclusive blend of “bio-lifting” technology, that can dramatically reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, fine lines, and creases.

It works by instantly “filling in” the look of deep wrinkles, and helps blur the visible appearance of fine lines.

On top of that, it helps make your skin feel and look smoother.

It’s powered by Beverly Hills MD’s special Wrinkle-Smoothing Polymer Blend, as well as the special bio-lifting ingredient known as Tightenyl.

Ready to put the Deep Wrinkle Filler to the test?

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2. Crepe Correcting Body Complex

The Crepe Correcting Body Complex from Beverly Hills MD is one of their hottest selling anti-wrinkle products right now, and it’s been getting a ton of buzz recently.

It can be used anywhere on the body that you have “crepey” looking skin. That’s just another word for sagging or extra-winkled skin.

If you want to learn more about it, and see how well it’s worked for some other folks, be sure to check out our full review.

3. Advanced Scar Therapy

beverly hills md advanced scar therapy

This scar recovery serum from Beverly Hills is design to nourish damaged skin, thus removing scars and marks that have appeared over the years.

Daily use will lead to a noticeable fading of scars and results in a smooth skin with very few imperfections.

Of course, no scar treatment can remove scars 100 percent, but the botanical ingredients and antioxidants in this serum come very close.

The Advanced Scar Therapy cream will reduce the appearance of scars, fade dark marks, soothe irritation, eliminate redness, and hydrate the skin. One of the key ingredients it uses to accomplish this is natural rosehip seed oil.

A few other active ingredients include Iceland moss extract, erasyl, and rejuvenOx.

Erasyl and Iceland moss extract both have a powerful effect on scars. The Erasyl increases the body’s natural collagen production, which allows the skin to better repair itself.

Iceland moss has been used in folk medicine for centuries because of its ability to sooth the skin.

4. Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment

wrinkle repair night treatment

If you have any experience using skincare products, then you already know that the most effective products are usually those that you leave in overnight.

The Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment is applied before bedtime and will have a full night to penetrate the skin and repair wrinkles.

At the same time, it’s boosted by the body’s natural skin healing process that takes place during sleep. This delivers results unlike any other product on the market today.

This treatment is one of the few on the market that is backed by sound scientific concepts. Beverly Hills MD have utilized Nobel Prize-winning ingredients and natural extracts to create a product that stimulates collagen production throughout the night. The result is waking up with skin that looks and feels younger than the day before.

Some of the ingredients used in this treatment include Epidermal Growth Factor(EGF) and Grant-X, which both diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Grant-X is a facial muscle relaxant and EGF actually regenerates the skin by encouraging new DNA synthesis.

Hyaluronic acid and InvisaSkin Matrix Rebuilder-O both play an important role in the process as well.

5. Dark Spot Corrector

a bottle of their dark spot corrector

As we age, our skin begins to show a lot of unwanted discoloration. Some of that discoloration includes sun spots, age spots, and acne scars. The Dark Spot Corrector (read our review ) is a topical treatment that works to remove those forms of discoloration.

It is quickly absorbed by the skin and can deliver noticeable results in a fairly short period of time.

Not only can this treatment help remove existing dark spots, but it can actually protect the skin from future discoloration; particularly those caused by sun exposure.

This is thanks to one of the main ingredients, Kakadu plum. Kakadu plus has a high concentration of Vitamin C, which reduces the visibility of discoloration and protects the skin against UV damage.

Some of the other ingredients include Vitamin B3, daisy flower extract, and DermalRx. Each of these ingredients has a noticeable impact on discoloration.

Vitamin B3 also helps to reduce the skin’s sensitivity to certain elements that would cause dark spots to worsen. This treatment can be used to three times per day to target the toughest forms of discoloration.

6. Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream

The Life + Firm Sculpting Cream uses a potent formula to turn back the clock and deliver a more youthful appearance.

It’s specifically designed to target the skin on the face and neck The active ingredients give the skin a tighter and firmer appearance. They also stimulate the cell renewal process causing new, healthy cells to appear on the top layer of skin.

This particular cream works best when combined with one or two additional products from these guys. For example, it can be used with the Dark Spot Corrector and the Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment to deliver outstanding results. While this treatment tightens the skin the other two ointments will work to remove discoloration and wrinkles.

It’s an excellent combination.

Some of the active ingredients include various amino-acids and natural extracts that are combined to produce unique formulas with specific results. A few of the specific formulas are called Idealift, Lifessence, and Progeline. All three are used to tighten the skin and increase firmness.

7. Dermal Repair Complex

dermal repair complex

The Dermal Repair complex is one of the most popular products Beverly Hills MD sells, and users have reported some pretty amazing results.

The Dermal Repair Complex (read full review) is a natural supplement that addresses aging issues at the root: The breakdown of elastin and collagen that takes place because of changes with your hormones.

It helps by taking direct aim at these hormonal changes, by working to reduce the appearance of sagging and drooping. It accomplishes this through a blend of natural ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen, MSM, and hyaluronic acid.

8. Lash Enhancing Serum

One final product that deserves mentioning is the Lash Enhancing Serum. It’s unlike the previous products in that it’s not specifically designed for skincare. Nonetheless, it can very useful in an anti-aging and beauty regimen. The serum is applied to the eyelashes and helps them grow in thicker, darker, and longer.

This is one of the few products in the beauty market that really improves the health of eyelashes and not just their appearance. You’ll notice that fewer lashes fall out or break.

You’ll also notice they feel softer and healthier. That’s in addition to them looking longer, thicker, and darker.

As with all of their products, this contains completely safe and highly-effective ingredients. Some examples are sodium hyaluronate, milk proteins, and pentapeptides.

Overall, it’s a great product and it shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s not used for skin care.

Prices: How Much Do Beverly Hills MD Products Cost?

Beverly Hills MD products are going to range in price from around $30 up to about $150 if you buy in bulk. You do get discounted prices when you buy in multiples, so keep that in mind if you find a product of theirs that you really like.

Many of their products are also available at discounted rates if you purchase at least 3 at a time.

  1. Dark Spot Protector: These bottles are $129.95 each or $110.46 each if you purchase 3.
  2. Lift And Firm Sculpting Cream: These bottles are $120 each or $108 each if you purchase 3.
  3. Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment: These bottles are $80 each or $74.80 each if you purchase 3.
  4. Dark Circle Corrector: These bottles are $99 each or $84 each if you purchase 3.
  5. Lash Enhancing Cream: These bottles are $85 each or $72.25 each if you purchase 3.
  6. Line Smoothing Cream: These bottles are $149.99 each or $126.65 each if you purchase 3.
  7. Emergency Under Eye Fix: These bottles are $65 each or $55.25 each if you purchase 3.
  8. Anti Aging Lip Enhancer: These bottles are $31.99 each or $27.20 each if you purchase 3.
  9. Derma Repair: These bottles are $58 each or $50 each if you purchase 3.
  10. Crepe Correcting Body Cream: These bottles are $100 each or $79 each if you purchase 3.
  11. Body Smooth: These bottles are $58 each or $49.33 each if you purchase 3.
  12. Repair and Reverse Daily Cream: These bottles are $125 each or $ 106.33 each if you purchase 3.
  13. Rose Stem Cell Cleanser: These bottles are $70 each or $59.50 each if you purchase 3.
  14. Dermal Repair Complex: $58 per bottle, or just $50 if you purchase 3.

Do Their Skincare Products Really Work?

a woman puts the Beverly Hills MD products to the test

This is the question on everyone’s mind when they hear about a new anti-aging or skincare product. Unfortunately, with a lot of companies on the market today, the products don’t really work as well as they claim.

Companies make big promises to attract as many buyers as possible and they don’t care if they keep a loyal customer base.

That’s the exact opposite of how Beverly Hills MD handles business.

All of their products really work as claimed. Again, these aren’t miracle drugs that will transform your appearance overnight. They are products designed by doctors that use scientifically proven ingredients to deliver noticeable results. These are ingredients like tigthenyl, which has been shown to improve the skin’s texture.

Or Elix-IR, which safely reduces the skin’s production of inflammatory enzymes.

The best part is that their products are supported by a money back guarantee. If for some reason you find that their treatment does not work as claimed, then you can send the product back and receive a full refund.

Real Before & After Results and Pictures

beautiful woman leaves her skin serum review

If you want to know how well a product really works, then you only need to look as far as their reviews. Beverly Hills MD keeps all of the reviews on their products public and they have hundreds of them. All of their products are highly rated by nearly everyone who tries them.

Let’s take a look at a few real customers have to say.

Monica Jakubowski purchased the Deep Wrinkle Filler and rated it five stars. Her review says that she experienced incredible results and her friends constantly point out the improvements. She says that her face looks amazing now and she plans to continue refilling her supply through Beverly Hills MD.

Gail L purchased the Cover + Correct SPF Foundation and also rated the product five stars. She states that she spends time walking more than three miles each day and needs a powerful sunscreen to protect her skin. This foundation worked perfectly for her because it offered the protection she needed and improved her appearance.

She also points out that the heat and humidity she experienced while walking did not affect the foundation.

The MDs: Dr. Payman Danielpour & Dr. John Layke

Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour

Great products tend to come from great people. Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke are the founders of Beverly Hills MD and they are a great example of this concept.

They are also both co-founders of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group and have spent their careers at the forefront of cosmetic technology.Re

After spending a decade with plastic surgery, they decided to expand their reach and help more people.

That’s where Beverly Hills MD came into play. They’ve spent the last few years developing cutting edge skin care products using safe ingredients with proven results.

Review Summary

You have a lot of options when it comes to buying skincare and anti-aging products. There are hundreds of companies on the internet that sell products claiming to reverse the signs of aging.

Very few of those companies were founded by actual experts on the subject and very few of those products have been proven to work.

Beverly Hills MD is a different kind of company. They offer a comprehensive line of beauty and anti-aging products that customers can’t get enough of.

Some of those products even branch out beyond skin care. And they manage to do this with competitive prices and bargain deals. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to try their products for yourself and decide if it’s worth the investment.

Chances are, you’ll become another loyal customer.