The Best Skin Whitening Serum & Cream [2018 Update] The Top Picks!

There is an extensive selection of skin whitening creams, ointments, and agents of all types. There are various reasons a person would be looking for a way to lighten their skin. However, very few are fully aware of the options available to them and how carries their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

For those looking to whiten their skin, it is important to get a good idea to associate yourself with some important fundamentals of the skin whitening realm. This will allow you to approach any decisions or treatments from an enlightened perspective that reduces the learning curve considerably.

In order to dispel myths and start you on your way, here are some important facts about the skin whitening options available cosmetically.

First, let’s look at the things you want to look for when choosing the best skin lightening products, and then will show you our top choice for the year!

Fact 1: Skin Lightening is like Tanning in Reverse!

In the market for skin lightening products, you will find many different serum options in topical and oral form as well as various procedures available. The important goal that all of these options share is that they attempt to bring about long-lasting results in the tones of your skin by adjusting the melanin in the skin. This is just like tanning.

Melanin is the juice that gives the skin color, as you can imagine those with darker skins contain much higher quantities of melanin in the skin, lighter skins have less. Sunlight boosts melanin production and the longer you are in the sun the darker the skin can get.

Here you can notice how melanin reacts very differently from person to person. A day at the beach can make half the crowd look tanned golden brown while the other half begins to look cooked.

In the reverse way, skin lightening serums will attempt to reduce the melanin in the skin and cause it to become progressively lighter. Just like tanning, the results from “reverse tanning” can be very different. And just like artificial tanning has a long way to go before a natural look has been achieved, skin whitening serums are making progress every day.

Fact 2: People Lighten their Skin for Purely Aesthetic Reasons.

The only reason to adjust the hues of your skin would be to achieve a more desirable aesthetic look, much like there is no functional or health benefit to tanning. No medical conditions can be addressed by adjusting the levels of melanin in the skin.

The conditions of hyperpigmentation cause the body to produce an abnormal amount of melanin in a particular area. This is often apparent in sun spots, liver spots, age spots and other visible marks, but these are not exactly medical conditions or completely treated with skin whitening serums.

Skin whitening serums can be very effective in reducing the visible aspects of these conditions and many more. Acne scarring, for example, can range in colors from pinks and reds to darker tones as well. Skin whitening serums can be used to reduce the visible aspects of the scarring. This can make the potentially unsightly condition comparatively less noticeable making life this much easier.

Liver spots, also known as “age spots”, are another reason that people seek an effective skin whitening solution. These blemishes across the skin can range from light pink or tan to deep plump or dark chocolate brown.

While special care and patience is needed to reduce the visibility here, skin whitening treatments have been an effective treatment.

Fact 3: There is No One Size Fits all Treatment

In case you hadn’t noticed the way, the body chooses to color itself is the product of genetics as well as the location on the planet and time spent in the outdoors. Having said this, it is important to understand that results obtained by one person can’t be expected for everyone.

Great success has been made in this field and there are a great many different skin whitening serums with vastly different active ingredients. You will find the natural and synthetic, the potent and gentle but what you are really looking for is the effective and ineffective.

Expect that the best results to your treatment will be obtained in the long term. Therefore, you will want to select a product that is fairly harmless and gentle on your skin. Give yourself some time to try a few different options, observe results and allow chemicals to be cleaned from the body before moving onto another option.

With all of these things in mind, let’s take a quick look at our top choice for the year:

Zeta White: Our Top Product of the Year!

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