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Best Skin Whitening Creams for Dark Skin

zeta white before and after

While we all want to feel comfortable in our own skin, for some of us that just isn’t possible. Whether it be wanting to look younger, to get rid of blemishes, or to make our skin lighter, many of us go searching for serums or creams that can help.

When it comes to skin lightening treatments, you want to go with products that are trusted, safe, and effective.

For that reason, we’re going to detail what you should look for in a skin whitening treatment, and then share our top choice for a system that has been proven to help with dark skin.

But first, here is our top choice for the year:

Zeta White

Cost: Starts at $38.58 (Get the BEST Price HERE)

Zeta White is one of the newer products on the market, but it’s already getting rave reviews and becoming super popular because of how effective it is.

It gives very powerful results, but it has a gentle formula, so it isn’t too hard on your skin during treatment.

It’s known as a safe and powerful alternative to bleaching creams, which usually have nasty ingredients, and can leave your skin feeling dry and damaged.

Natural Ingredients

ZetaWhite is made from all-natural ingredients, which were carefully formulated to provide quick and noticeable lightening results.

It also has anti-inflammatory ingredients, so you can lighten your skin naturally, but shouldn’t have to worry about causing damage to your skin.

This means their product is free from:

  • No Chemicals
  • No Toxins
  • No Hydroquinone 
  • No Side Effects

How Does it Work?

As we get older the pigment melanin can increase in our skin, which can result in darker skin and pigmentation. This boost in melanin can be caused by age, too much time in the sun, and even genetics.

With the 3-Point skin lightening system from Zeta White, you can stop the melanin from being made in your body, resulting in lighter looking skin.

What is the 3-Point System?

zeta white three point lightening system

To get the best results from Zeta White, they recommend using a triple threat, which includes the following:

Face Lightening Wash

The enzyme-rich papaya extract wash is made to help lighten your skin naturally and also includes lemon extract. It gently reduces your skin’s melanin. You will want to use both in the morning and at night for the best results. Think of the face wash as building the foundation for your lighter skin.

Lightening Moisturiser

Powered by licorice extract, the Zeta White lightening moisturizer will help leave your skin looking and feeling bright, while also providing protection from the sun’s skin darkening rays. The recommend using this stuff every day.

Lightening Night Cream

This is going to help your skin rejuvenate while you sleep. It is packed full of Allantoin, which is used to get rid of your skin’s dead skin cells, which allows your body to grow new, lighter-looking skin, while also preventing more darkening. On top of all this, it also has anti-inflammatory ingredients, so you should wake up looking radiant and feeling revitalized.

Use All Three for Best Results

While each of the Zeta skincare products can be used on their own, if you want the best skin lightening results, then they recommend using all three together to get the best and fastest results.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of skin lightening products on the market today, and it’s best to go with one that is proven to work, uses all natural ingredients, and that won’t cause permanent damage to your skin. Zeta White meets all of these criteria, which why it is our top-rated skin whitening system of the year.

Their results speak for themselves, and they have a bunch of before and after pics on their site showing exactly how their products have help people make their skin lighter.

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