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best acne products for teenagers

Top Acne Products for Teenagers in 2019

Acne is a daily problem for over 80% of all teens [1] and can become a major part of their lives.

However, over time some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have taken the time to study this condition, its triggers, and what’s required to provide both short or long-term relief.

This condition refers to the inflammation of sebaceous glands in the skin, which result in visible pimples on the face, back, and various other parts of the body.

It’s important to note each case is going to vary in terms of severity and it’s best to take action as soon as possible.

There are several treatment options (holistic and prescription-based) which have been used by teenagers over the years. In recent times, with advancements being made in the industry, streamlined treatment programs have been released into the market as a way to treat underlying conditions such as acne.

Studies show these treatment programs are the best solution for teenagers when used multiple times a day in a set regimen (morning and night).

Here’s a detailed look at the best acne treatment for teens.

Our Top 3 Acne Cleansers for Teenagers

1. Proactiv MD

Proactiv MD is one of the best acne treatment systems for teenagers

Proactiv is established on a “three-step” system that aims to optimize your skincare regimen.

By using these products as directed, the skin is going to clear up and it will maintain its refreshed state for years to come.

  • Skin-Soothing Exfoliator
  • Pore Targeting Solution
  • Complexion Perfecting Hydrator

These are the three products under the Proactiv brand and each one has something unique to offer throughout the day.

Proactiv’s main ingredients include:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Skin Brightening Complex

Each ingredient brings something unique to the table and that’s why Proactiv has become such a popular acne treatment. These ingredients have been studied over the years by some of the world’s finest researchers and research has shown the ingredients hold value against acne.

To get the best results, it’s important to apply each skincare product and make sure it’s being followed as directed.

This is a must because each product has a role to play in how the skin is going to be treated over the long-term. If you ignore one of these products, it may take away from the results and delay progress.

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2. Acnezine by Revitol

acnezine by revitol treatment for teens

Acnezine was developed after years of relevant research on the nuances of acne-related breakouts.

The research team wanted to create something that was simply to apply and came in cream-form, which is what Acnezine is.

This is a moisturizing cream that is to be applied as directed throughout the day in your problem areas. If done properly, the acne is going to be gone and it will become easier to manage the acne-related troubles.

In general, Acnezine is made of a comprehensive list of viable and safe ingredients but the heart of its formulation is around 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Additional ingredients include:

  • Allantoin
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Camellia Sinensis
  • Leaf Extract, Honey
  • Bark Extract
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Citrus Extract
  • Hyaluronate
  • Sodium Citrate

To get the best results with this cream, it’s best to not only follow the directions but apply methodically. Otherwise, the skin isn’t going to be nourished as well as it’s supposed to be.

With such a power-packed formulation, Acnezine goes on easily and isn’t going to become a nuisance. It’s lightweight, smells great, and has incredible value over the long-term.

Anyone that uses it on a regular basis will start to notice a change in how their skin looks and feels.

This is why it is best to not only start applying it on a regular basis but also making sure everything is done in an orderly manner.

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3. Dermology

dermology acne treatement

This is a two-pronged acne management system that’s been designed to get to the root cause of this condition.

Most teenagers struggle to make things work and often aim for a solution that’s targeted at short-term results.

Dermology was prepped and formulated in a bid to get to the bottom of this skin-related problem once and for all. As a result, they have a kit that’s designed to target acne and make it go away for good. In general, the idea is simple with regards to Dermology.

You are going to receive a small kit that includes two acne treatment creams and 30 capsules to tackle skin antioxidant. You will make use of both products at once as directed by the packaging.

When used in unison, the skin is going to start to clear up and it will target some of the bad toxins, which trigger acne outbreaks.

The Dermatology main ingredients include:

  • Sandalwood
  • Resveratrol
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin E

It’s a unique set of ingredients and each one has a purpose in building a stronger immune system and removing acne.

For those hoping to maximize the use of this treatment, it’s best to focus on consistent application. You have to follow the directions and make sure the capsules are taken daily.

Otherwise, the results aren’t going to come in as soon as you want them to. Both of these products are designed to be used together and that’s how the skin will start to clear up for good.

Where to Buy Dermology

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How we Picked the Best Acne Treatments for Teens

1. Price

a teenager shows off her clear skin after trying a great acne treatment option

The first variable is price and it’s something we cannot ignore while determining the value of a treatment option.

In general, the price of the best acne treatments is going to depend on the ingredients used, branding, and other factors that will impact your budget as a user.

With teenagers wanting something that’s affordable, usable, and simply sustainable over the long-term, it becomes doubly important to consider this as an essential factor before making a purchase.

The price needs to be fair and in line with industry standards to make it a worthwhile purchase.

2. Safe and Effective Ingredients

Along with the quality of treatment, it’s also important to think about the formulation and what’s included in it. Too many acne treatments are made of unsafe and illegal ingredients, which are not safe for human use and shouldn’t be experimented with.

The safety of each ingredient is verified before an acne treatment is deemed to be worthwhile as a long-term solution. Otherwise, this is going to dock multiple points from the overall review.

Each product mentioned here is safe and has been thoroughly tested before being released onto the open market.

3. Proven to Work

a woman with acne free skin

What is the main purpose of an acne treatment at the end of the day?

The goal is to use something that is efficient and is going to work as soon as it is put to use. Each treatment that is mentioned in this read will not only be safe but is also going to be as efficient as you want it to be.

This is a must and it has to be consistent over the long haul. If not, the treatment may not be a useful solution especially if the acne flares up again down the road.

Each treatment option listed here is efficient and among the best in the industry.

4. Easy to Use

Treatments can be wonderful but only when it is easy to apply them on a daily basis. With acne, you want something that is going to become another part of your daily routine without becoming a bothersome experience that is simply unhelpful. Our criteria are built on the shoulders of usability as that is just as important as any other detail when reviewing treatment options.

Teenagers using these products will know they are getting something that is feasible and is going to work out as time goes on. It will be easy to follow in almost any situation.

Final Thoughts

free proactiv acne scrub brush

Yes, acne seems like a battle that’s impossible to win but that’s not the case any longer!

In fact, acne can be managed as long as you’re taking a look at one of these all-encompassing acne treatment programs.

Once you start following the regimen, it’s going to have a positive impact on your skin and it’s going to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

According to our research, Proactiv is the number one option on the market right now and is the ideal purchase for all teens with acne!

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