Does Adapalene Gel Work for Wrinkles?

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Adapalene is a retinoid-based skin treatment that is most often used for treating severe cases of acne, but has also been recommended for a variety of other potential skin issues.

While most retinoid based treatments are mainly (or solely) for acne treatment, Differin (the main medicine using adapalene in gel form) uses a new form of the retinoid treatment that varies from the previous “tiers” and that means it is more useful for a wide variety of skin applications – including helping to get rid of wrinkles.

What is Adapalene Gel?

This refers to one type of skin medication, and adapalene is the active ingredient, not the brand name.

The most common way to find these type of skin medication is in Differin.

This treatment not only continues to be used for pimples and breakouts but it has also been used as a way to treat skin overall and that includes helping to remove wrinkles.

While very few retinoids can have any solid effect, the anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties of adapalene, as well as the fact it is much less reactive to sunlight or harsh in its interaction with the skin, allows it to have more of an overall effect on returning a youthful appearance to skin as well.

How Does it Work on Skin?

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Adapalene-based treatments like Differin can help skin in a variety of way that can have the natural side effect, especially when brought together, of eliminating wrinkles by making all the skin on the face or other areas look better.

Why does this happen?

The topical treatment creates something called “keratolytic action.”

This helps get rid of dead skin cells, increases how quickly your skin can make more, and even makes your skin’s texture more adaptable, which is a major part of what allows the skin to flatten out and get rid of many fine lines and wrinkles.

Even when it doesn’t go this far in treatment, often times it helps to improve the overall appearance of sun damaged skin, age spots, or even other types of discoloration and blemishes.

What Is A 3rd-Tier Retinoid?

This refers to the type of retinoid that has been chemically designed and engineered to form adapalene. This is what makes modern medicines like adapalene effective in skin treatment whether it’s getting rid of acne outbreaks or smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, or something in between those two extremes.

The third tier is all about how science can continue to advance medicine and make it even better, even more powerful.

These types of medicine generally work in four ways that can help make skin healthier and look younger as a result:

  • They encourage the growth of new skin cells
  • They decrease swelling in the skin
  • They decrease inflammation that causes both swelling and outbreaks
  • They are often used with moisturizers to help prevent dry skin issues

When all this is taken together, you can see why adapalene has been seen by some as a great way to get healthier and better-looking skin.

Proper Application & Use

One of the most important things to remember is that you want to follow the directions precisely. Adding additional gel for wrinkles doesn’t make it work any faster or any better.

In addition to this, despite the fact that adapalene is much easier on the skin than most topical treatments, going with too much can cause irritation which obviously defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.

Follow instructions, use it consistently, and keep on the proper schedule and you will get the best results. This is also the best way to avoid most potential side effects.

Final Thoughts

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There are a lot of really good benefits that can come from an adapalene treatment. In addition to clearing up zits and acne have been the skin benefits.

While this may not be the absolute best treatment for everyone, but there’s little question that many individuals have seen huge benefits from adapalene.

The ability to take away swelling and inflammation means better and younger looking skin and for some people getting rid of even just a few wrinkles can make all the difference!

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