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What’t the Best Adapalene Gel?

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Adapalene gel might be able to offer the relief that so many people are craving. There’s no question that severe acne can have a vicious effect on a person’s life.

Aside from the admitted social stigma (fair or not – it’s undeniably there), there’s the emotional and psychological burden that comes from those reactions.

There’s also the simple self-confidence issue. Let’s face of it: all of us want to look at feel good, and it is really hard to do the latter when you can’t pull off the former.

There are many treatments out there that claim to fully treat severe acne, but many of them are also heavy on the marketing and light on the performance.

However, adapalene gel is a medication that is gaining popularity as more reports of its effectiveness continue to flow through media.

What is Adapalene Gel?

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Adapalene gel is a specific medication that is designed to be a heavy duty acne treatment (learn more about our top-rated brand here).

Supporters say adapalene has proven to decrease not only the number of pimples a person has but also the overall severity of acne breakouts on the skin.

These are technically a retinoid, a type of medication that is well recognized among dermatologists, as it appears often among acne medications, both prescription and non-prescription.

Adapalene is a really top-notch treatment that has gained a strong reputation for its effectiveness with many individuals who have not had luck with other treatments.

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What Are Retinoids?

Retinoids are a special type of medication that has proven to be extremely effective in acne treatment. This type of treatment isn’t necessarily only used for acne, but it has naturally proven to be a pretty good fit because of two main traits that most retinoids share to some extent or another:

  • Retinoids affect the growth of new cells
  • Retinoids decrease both swelling and the inflammation that is often behind it

There are multiple classes and types of retinoids, and that means that not every single type of acne medication is going to be the same even if they all come from this general family of medications.

Attacking Acne From Two Fronts

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Adapalene gel is this medication in its most powerful form (Proactiv’s gel is one of the best), and often is made as a treatment when nothing else has proven to be very effective.

The gels are often designed to do several things. For one, it will stop the growth of new cells on the applied areas: meaning zits will not get bigger, they won’t keep stacking up in larger and larger blemishes in those afflicted areas.

This first step helps prevent the problem from getting worse and contains it.

The medicinal impact of the retinoids in adapalene then attack the inflammation, encouraging a slow and steady healing. As the inflamed skin goes away, the swelling it going to go down with it.

Finally, a good gel includes its strong medicinal ingredients along with a moisturizing compound that helps healthy skin remain healthy while it is also healing.

What do all of these varying ingredient effects mean?

  • Cleared acne
  • Prevents future whitehead zits, blackhead zits, clogged pores, and bigger breakouts
  • Restores your naturally healthy skin tone
  • Reduces scarring risk
  • Available in a wide array of size options

How Long Until You See Results?

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This is going to vary from person to person. While most people agree that sooner is better, it’s important to remember that even in gel form, adapalene is not a miracle drug.

This does take time to treat acne outbreaks. Considering that many people don’t go to this gel until they’ve tried other things, that also means often wrestling with major breakouts and it simply takes a longer time to treat those because that means there is more inflammation, clogs, and issues behind the outbreak.

Generally speaking, there are early signs of changes in the first two weeks and then bigger ones in week three.

By weeks five to six, almost everyone is going to see massive positive changes as their faces clear up and you get skin that looks smooth and healthy and is far better than the scarring or acne that was there before.

Does is it Work For Everyone?

Every individual person is different. While no medication has a 100% success rate, there is a reason that adapalene is so highly regarded among many patients, users, and dermatologists alike.

So while there is no guarantee, it is definitely worth noting that this treatment has shown some consistently outstanding results and most patients will see at least some improvement, especially after proper use after 4-6 weeks.

Use Properly

There’s no question that if you use Adapalene gel to treat your acne, you need to use it properly.

This is a powerful medical gel and using more than directed doesn’t double up the effects at all, although that can cause irritation or side effects that will counteract or at least slow down the positive benefits this gel will have in acne treatment.

Follow the rules, be consistent, and you will see the greatest possible results that it has to offer.

Adapalene Gel vs Other Treatment Options

There are many options out there, and the heavy benefits of adapalene gel aren’t the only option when it comes to treating acne and persistent acne outbreaks.

Every single person is different and this is why there are so many medicinal treatments – because there are plenty of options out there that can work.

However, very few are going to match the consistent results that this treatment has proven to have again and again – especially when looking at non-prescription options that do not have a large number of side effects.

Final Thoughts

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Why go another day bemoaning your skin condition when you could be starting effective treatment today?

There’s no reason to assume the acne is permanent or to bemoan your fate because previous treatments hadn’t worked.

Adapalene gel often succeeds where many others have failed and there is no reason to believe that it won’t be able to help you at as well!

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