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Adapalene Gel 0.3 Review: What Works Best?

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In the fight against acne, there are several different options you can use. One of them is Adapalene Gel 0.3 (also known as Differin).

Take note that you can only get it via prescription, but it might just be worth the trouble. And even though it is not the single answer to all your acne problems, it doesn’t have as many side-effects like so many other topical treatments.

Luckily, you are about to find out everything you need to know about Adapalene Gel 0.3 and whether you should be asking your doctor or dermatologist about it.

Adapalene 0.3: A Quick Overview

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First off, Adapalene Gel 0.3 is not a spot acne remover. In other words, a thin layer of gel is applied to your entire face, covering all the areas.

And as the name suggests, Adapalene is the main ingredient that makes the gel so effective. You’ll notice that there are other Adapalene options, like 0.1, indicating lesser strength for light cases of ance. But in this case, the focus is on the strongest gel under the Differin brand.

According to developers, there are two distinct differences between Adapalene 0.3 and its competitors.

The first is that it doesn’t over-stimulate the skin cells to die sooner than they are supposed to, which many retinoid topical acne treatments do.

And secondly, the side-effects are less intense and don’t give as many problems as the rest of the retinoid drug class.

Ultimately, Adapalene is a milder approach to fighting acne, which might be better for your situation. However, doctors will tell you that some discomfort can be expected, and it is not a miracle cure. Instead, it is a great supplementary treatment to whatever else your doctor or dermatologist is suggesting.

The Best Adapalene Treatment for Acne

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There are plenty of adapalene treatments out there for acne these days, but right now we have Proactiv MD ranked as our top choice this year.

It’s an over-the-counter acne fighter, which means you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy it. There are number of different reasons that we love Proactiv MD (check out our full review here), including:

  • It Works! Proactiv MD has been proven to help clear up skin issues
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  • It’s Affordable!

Proactiv is one of the more affordable acne treatments we have tried, and right now is a great time to sign up!

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Adapalene Gel 0.3 Ingredients

Seeing as Adapalene Gel is being prescribed by professionals in the medical field, there shouldn’t be much doubt about its effectiveness.

But every person is different, which is why you want to know the ingredients before you talk to your doctor about getting it.

Adapalene Gel 0.3 Typically Has:

  • Adapalene (the active ingredient)
  • Carbomer
  • Edetate Disodium
  • Methylparaben
  • Poloxamer
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide

If you are allergic to these ingredients you probably won’t get a prescription, but this is better left discussed with your doctor.

Pros and Cons

Now that you know what goes into the gel and why it is so effective, here is a breakdown of what the gel is particularly popular for.

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So many people appreciate the fact that Adapalene 0.3 isn’t as intense as other acne treatments within the same drug category. And take note that it should only be used for mild or moderate acne. Worse cases will most likely require a stronger treatment.

Opens Pores

There is a specific time skin cells go through (21 days). And people with acne have problems in the regard that dead cells don’t fall away like they should. Adapalene stimulates the cycle of cells so that they don’t linger and cause the blockage.

Reduces Inflammation

There are users who state this specific topical treatment actually reduces skin inflammation.

Limited Side-Effects

Why doesn’t Adapalene have as many side-effects as its competitors? It’s because the gel doesn’t dissolve in water, meaning it can’t be absorbed by the skin and it won’t be able to get into your bloodstream.

Less Irritation

Most people can agree that Adapalene is less irritating than its counterparts.

Better at Clearing Skin

As mentioned earlier, there are Adapalene gels with a lesser concentration of the active ingredient. But the higher the concentration the more change you can expect.

The Cons

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As with any acne or skin treatment, you are taking some kind of risk. This is based on the fact that skin types can differ extensively.

Treatments that might work well for you might not work well for your friend. And this is why you only want to use it after speaking to a professional.

But the only real con when it comes to Adapalene is that it doesn’t provide the complete answer. And even though it does a great job in terms of covering blemishes and stimulating cells, you will definitely have to incorporate other methods as well.

For example, it is recommended that you look at your diet and the way it affects your skin. In fact, there are many things you could be eating that only makes your acne situation worse.

And when Adapalene Gel is used in combination with other effective changes and habits, you will definitely see a difference without having to experience all those side-effects.

Final Thoughts

Adapalene is a proven acne-fighting medication, and it’s finally available without a prescription from your doctor. Proactiv makes one of the best Adapalene skin treatments out there, and right now you can get it for less than $30!

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